Each ship has its unique character. The same is true for our design concepts for cruise liners, arctic exploration ships and yachts. Each is stylishly tailored to the customer’s taste and demand. Such individuality and exclusivity requires special marine shipbuilding skills. Speaking of marine skills: Did you know that jellyfish have incredible sensory organs, can react to the environment with lightning speed and regenerate injured body parts? A bit like PIER Marine Interiors – only that we never allow ourselves to be pushed around by currents…

We design and specify every facet of your working and living space at sea with flair and immaculate attention to detail to achieve a stylish first-class interior. This includes choosing the right mix of colours and materials as well as embedding state-of-the-art technology – from the high-resolution TV to the hidden sound system. We create real-life 3D visuals that can be viewed beforehand to show you how the finished yacht interior will look.

What are the special features your ship should have? Tell us your ideas and wishes. For a no-obligation consultation please contact us by e-mail